About Us

We are " Live Trading Room  " AKA Team LTR. We worked hard & fast and made it work and how!! What started as a punt with a small capital base, and transformed it into a diversified business model catering to the needs of investors and traders. With our combined experience of over 58 years and our individual subsets of core expertise, we can safely say, we know what we talk about.

Although our systems are designed based on quantitative modelling, we give high weight-age to position sizing and risk management. The life cycle of stock market trading is a journey of constant ups & downs and mistakes can be catastrophic. It’s best to learn from them, especially others and it is cheaper. For someone who started from scratch, we know the predicaments of a new entrant aspiring to be a prudent trader or investor who is about to embark the widely complex market scenario.

Our services are designed to cater to your needs – you can be an investor/trader looking to filter market noise, which makes you stand out from the crowd or a serious trader who wants to trade with milliseconds latency trading robots or with experienced traders in a virtual trading room or you could be an individual, who wants to learn and build on your knowledge through offline events or online webinars from the comfort of your couch. Whatever your needs are, we offer products that suit your requirement and style of trading. Stay tuned to know more about the quintessential " The Multiplier "  of the markets providing you the edge in succeeding your dream of absolute financial independence into a reality. Our esteemed clients span across various demographic and social profiles.


If money motivates you and wealth creation is your goal; "Then Why Wait, Let Tomorrow Begin Today" #MillionaireMindset