Expiry Trading is never an easy task. It requires a skill set that requires decision making at an emotional, psychological and systematic level. At Live Trading room, your decision making is outsourced to systematic trading setups, designed to give risk-reward of 1:4 - 1:6. We shall be trading current weekly options "The Expiry Trade"


Expiry Trader is an #Intraday system based on Proprietary Algorithm. We will share our #TradeSetup Via Zoom / Telegram, which contains buy and sell triggers / risk management / targets levels. An Educational Webinar to showcase #LiveTrading on #ExpityDay trading weekly options.

No, the mechanics are neither being taught nor being shared.


The cost to join is 999 Inclusive GST, for one weekly expiry session only.


Presently, we will not be taking any more than 100 participants.


Instruments traded – Bank Nifty and Nifty Options 


No of Lots to be taken – Your own choice. 


Entry, Exit and Stop loss to be provided. 


Entry, Exit and Stoploss need's to be followed strictly. 


The webinar is for education purpose only.


By subscribing you agree to the fact that you understand the risk and reward associated with trading derivative instruments. 


If you miss a trade, then do not rush to buy/sell and wait for the next one. 


This is to showcase how to trade #LiveExpirySession, trading or not trading that is on your own choice.

We are not teaching any strategy here, so kindly don't ask how we derived the values.

No questions will be answered that do not fall in the scope of the educational webinar.

Term & Conditions

Zero Refund Policy

Valid only for 1 day only.

Trade setups are delivered on telegram broadcast/zoom live screen share.

Its only Educational Purpose Only.

Before Signing-Up, kindly do read the disclaimer/terms & conditions



Gunjan & Rajat 


If money motivates you and wealth creation is your goal; "Then Why Wait, Let Tomorrow Begin Today" #MillionaireMindset

Expiry Trader 

1 Day Access

2 Weekly Options Setups

100 Participants

Register @ 999

Pls share the Payment Details on 

Whatsapp 9810101180