Millionaire Mentorship

Welcome to Millionaire Mentorship #Directional Trading Program. The main objective of this program is to transform your decision-making process in trading. Successful traders are good decision-makers; hence, it is the key ingredient between success and failure. One cannot and should not measure success with money; the goal should be to become financially independent, which is what this program is designed to achieve.

As noted, the quality of decisions is a key catalyst towards being profitable in trading, however, it is not the only ingredient. The road towards becoming a Profitable trader requires other key elements such as position sizing, risk management expertise, basic knowledge of options, proficiency in directional strategies and most importantly the aptitude to bind the knowledge into a trading plan.

Your mentors will pave the way and guide you in the journey. Think of this journey as a pilgrimage towards nirvana. A journey towards financial freedom, attaining the life you deserve.

If you are reading this then you already have started this journey. Leave your experiences behind and come with an open mind. Let the mentors shape your thoughts and prepare you for this odyssey of epic proportions. We have created a customized curriculum catering to your needs based on risk aversion and trading style.

Your mentor Rajat Dutta will then interview you face to face via Zoom and assess the level of training, which will be required to transform you into a successful trader.


We help you reach your Trading Goals. Welcome On-Board !! 


Week 1 - Get to Know ( Live Discussion )

  • Understanding the Price Architecture 

  • Understanding the very basics of Options ( Components ) 

  • Understanding Vega #Volatility 

  • Understanding Theta #TimeFactoring  

Week 2 - Intraday Strategy ( Live Discussion )

  • Working On Price / Rule-based setups 

  • 1:8 Risk: Rewards setups. 

  • PROP Volatility Tool

  • Risk Management & Positions Sizing 

  • GapUp's / GapDown's / Flatish / Trending

Week 3  - Static Options ( Live Discussion )

  • Expiry Day Zero / Hero 

  • Positional Buying / Selling 

Week 4  -  Live Discussion

  • Interaction ( Group ) 

  • Doubt Clearing 

  • Dedicated Telegram Channel Post Program 

  • Future Changes Made to setups will Share.

Key Points 


95% Practical Approach 
22 Hours of Course  
Only on Index Options  
Directional Trading 


Question: What will taught in this Program ?
Answer: Total 1 Concept - Fixed Rule 
1) Longs Setup 
2) Wrting Setup 

With Each Day trade case study will be discussed, Prop Tool shall be shared. 

Question: Will Stock Options Be Taught ? 
Answer: No, Only Index Options.

Question: Will Options Greeks are Shared / Taught ?
Answer: We dont teach Setups / Strategy Based on Options Greeks. Its Prure Vanilla Mathematics what we teach. 

Does Open Interest Analysis is taught ? 
Answer: No We Dont Teach the OI based Strategies.

What is RISK : Reward Ratio of the Setups been taught ? 
Answer: Lower side R:R is @ 1:6 & Higher side is 1:16.

Question: When will be class conducted & Duration ?
1) Theory whch just 5% of the Program will held on weekends.
2) Every Alternate day post 9:30 PM,Classes will be held.

3) Class Duration will be 1-1.3 Hrs max ( Alternate Day / Weekdays ) .

4) We have Every Week One Dedicated Session only for Queries. 

Question: Will the Prop tool be shared / Code Shared ? 
Answer: Yes we shall share it / Configure it.

Question: Do i Need any spl software / data feed. ? 
Answer: Perferbly Amiboker is required with Option data Feed. One Use any broker based charting platform

Amibroker will have an edge over the Free to Air Platforms


Question: Can a person from non-financial background attend the program and invest in the stock market on his own.?

Answer: YES, our mentorship program is designed in such a way that even a person with zero financial knowledge can achieve success. We will build on the basics and will build on the knowledge.  The program is ideal for anyone who wants to independently trade in the stock market.

Question: I want to become a full-time trader. Will this program help me become one.?

Answer: Yes, this program is specifically designed for people who want to make a career out of trading. However, one must understand that trading is a process, and the results are not only dependent upon what is taught in the program but also on how you practice on the learning.

Hence, Practice, Practice, Practice!!


Question: What topics will be covered in this program.?

Answer: Refer to top of the page. If still any query, DM us on Twitter.




Question: What study materials will be provided with the program.?

Answer: All topics PDF, on-demand recorded videos.


Question: What kind of support will be provided after completion of the program.?

Answer:  After the completion of the program, we will be holding your hands throughout in addressing your queries. Dedicated Telegram Channel.


Question: How will the sessions be held?

Answer: All will be held online (through Zoom).


Question: What is the refund policy?

Answer: We have a Zero Refund policy.


  • Zero Refund Policy

  • Any hate speech, religious or political view, or anything w.r.t caste creed and colour will not be tolerated.

  • Any groupism, which targets others will not be tolerated.


Anyone can join Millionaire Mentorship Options Trading Community, till he/she adhere to the policy of the community.