Intraday trading is never an easy task. It requires a skill set that requires decision making at an emotional, psychological and systematic level. At Live Trading room, your decision making is outsourced to an Algorithm, which works for you and gives you a highly probabilistic decision, helping you towards your daily / monthly goal. All you have to do then is just execute the trades from your end.


Live Trading Room gives you the freedom to work from your own home or office. You will be given access to the "Trade Setups", running our proprietary models on Indian Indices / Stocks. This is the edge you have been waiting for. You can use these systems on their own or in confluence with your own trading systems in taking decisions that previously looked blur. #DarkIndex #HyperScalp is based on Positional Setups #HyperScalp is based on Weekly Options on Intra Setups.

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#DarkIndex  one complete solution for trading the ( NSE ) derivatives markets on #IndexFutures #StockFutures #Options. 

Above Structure is Available
@ 24,999.00 for 22 trading days ( NSE ) exclusive of weekdays or trading holidays.

Risk Reward

#DarkIndex #HyperScalp Module is based upon "Probability" & hence resulting in a massive Risk : Reward Ratio of 1: 8 on an Intraday / Positional basis. 

With our proprietary mathematical / statistical #ARIMA module, one can stay ahead of ever lagging / oscillator indicators. Our Structure enables to plan risk management / positions sizing well in advance.

How it Works

Live Trading Room ( LTR )  will enable you to identify high probability trade opportunities in real-time/live markets. These trades are based on backtested mathematical/statistical models of LTR's proprietary #ARIMA. Pre-Defined equations/setups find opportunities for trades even before the Markets open, which will enhance the speed of executions of trades whether done offline/online.

LTR has opened doors for traders of any level of experience to get benefit from this supportive environment. With constant & uniform trade setups in live markets. Its intent is to use these successful predefined equations to bread both confidence & competence in Trader. Live Trading Room gives you the freedom to work from your own home or office.

The entire system is built around active risk control. LTR guides the trader when to BUY / SELL until the specified TARGET. With our rules programmed in, the automated system can monitor the markets on a specific day's trading strategies providing the optimal RISK: Reward ratio.

#Positional 1:8 #Intraday 1:10 or More


Question : Dark Index positional or Intraday?
Answer : Dark Index & Hyper Scalp is a #Positional #Intraday - BOTH

Question : How much Capital do I require?
Answer : We don’t advise on capital requirement. Use position sizing techniques to calculate your risk/reward on your capital. 

Question : Minimum lots I can trade.
Answer : The minimum number of lots one can trade is 1.

Question : Maximum lots whuch can be trade?
Answer : There is no set limit to the maximum number of trades. Read Point 2.

Question : What is it actually?
Answer : It is an #Positional #Intraday system based on Proprietary Algorithm. We will share our #TradeSetup, which contain buy and sell levels. All you must do it follow those levels and execute it at your end.

Question : Are the system mechanics being taught or shared?
Answer :  No, the mechanics are neither being taught nor being shared.

Question : What is the Risk-Reward Ratio?
Answer : Risk : Reward oscillates between 1:6- 1:8

Question : What products do we trade?
Answer : We trade Futures / Options only based on those.

Question : What 10-20 days mean?
Answer : If you subscribe, then you will get 20 days of live trading sessions. Trading sessions are NSE trading days, which DOES NOT include weekends or trading holidays.

Question : Will the systems know-how / logic be shared?
Answer : The Answer is No once again.

Question : What is provided from our end?
Answer : We provide a system, which has buy and Sell levels, with the Stop loss. The system is based on an algorithm; we do not provide any jackpot calls or tips or related jargon.

Question : What is NOT provided from our end?
Answer : Execution, Tips, Jackpot Calls, Stock Queries, Long Term outlook, Risk management, position-sizing, Portfolio management or and anything outside the scope of Live Trading Room.

Question : How these lines are generated?
Answer :  LOL !!! Do you really think we will get that secret out?

Question : Is there any chance of Sharing the strategy in the future?
Answer : Yes, there is, Final date for the webinar is the day after Coca Cola shares its secret recipe. So keep an eye on Coca Cola’s website.


06:59 PM / JAN 4, 2021


Today We Started the Hyper Scalp Premium Options Intraday Scalping Tool #HyperScalp 


9:00 AM / APRIL 8, 2021

We launched today telegram BOT for a faster delivery of the trades setups #HyperScalp 

Noida, INDIA

9:00 AM / APRIL 23, 2021

Today we we held traning for the New Subscribers, as how to trade with #HyperScalp

Term & Conditions

Zero Refund Policy.

Valid only for 20 trading days.
Trade setups are delivered on telegram broadcast / zoom live screen share.
Its only Educational Purpose Only.
Before Signing-Up, kindly do read the disclaimer/terms & conditions.